I.Nos racines


Pierre de Gérès de Loupes, Knight of Malta, acquired Fonbadet at the start of the 19th century. Becoming a Member of Parliament in 1824, he devoted his unswerving passion to his wine estate. He thus raised the quality of the wine to place it at the head of the Crus Bourgeois Supérieurs, rivalling the fourth growths of the commune.

One owner followed another, without this quality being threatened. In 1950, Robert Peyronie acquired the 4 hectares that then made it up, and through judicious purchases he and his son Pierre increased the size of the property.

A mosaic of vineyards intelligently formed as opportunities arose, and which today form a family estate of 13 hectares.

The Peyronies have well-established roots in the Pauillac region. Pierre’s great-grandfather, Augustin Simon, was finance director at Château Lafite Rothschild, while his wife, Jany’s, Aurélien Agert, was estate manager at Château Mouton Rothschild.

What links these four generations of winegrowers is a passion for the terroir of Pauillac. A lineage that is represented today by Pascale Peyronie, who upholds the values of her land and her wines.

From an early age, Pascale cut her teeth alongside her father, asserting her will and her qualities over the course of long years of learning and intuition. And now an enthusiastic new generation is waiting alongside her, as her son Pierre has a feeling for the land, and at an early age already shows a clear desire to join the family adventure.

Domaines Peyronie - Nos racines

«It is a story of passing on love and passion to the next generation.

Respecting nature means thinking in the long term. Harvesting the best fruit without impoverishing the land.»



Domaines Peyronie has been practising integrated farming for more than twenty years, and more recently it started using bio-control techniques. Being close to nature is not a passing fashion or a policy, it is a statement of fact.

Pascale wanted the living and tree-lined vineyard of her childhood to endure, while being in tune with her era.

Hedges have been reintroduced around the vineyard, to add to the diversity of the landscape. Trees take pride of place, and this landscape has the healthy feel of a living vineyard.

But above all, it is the remarkable sequoias that mark out the vineyards and the park. Majestic and centuries-old, they are the symbol of a property that has always valued biodiversity and nature.

Domaines Peyronie

«Wine is above all a moment of sharing, of conviviality, and encounters»

Pascale Peyronie
Domaines Peyronie - PORTRAIT


Pascale’s definition matches her attentive, sincere and authentic personality. On her arrival in 1991, it was therefore natural that she decided to open up the estate and share the family art of living like her neighbours behind closed doors.

Driven since her early childhood by the aromas of wine, and by the passion of her father, who she enjoyed spending time with, today she is an experienced winegrower with great ambitions for Domaines Peyronie. Her legal studies and training in oenology gave her the necessary credentials to raise the wines to the level of excellence of their terroir.

An art collector, she finally combines her passions in the same sublime place, the chartreuse.

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